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Translation Service

Hosted Words
Translation, reports and activity
Auxiliary/Alternate language
Quality Assurance Checks
Task, languages and strings management
Picture context for strings translation
Translation memory, machine translation and glossary
Project management/settings and payment settlement
Unlimited managers/projects/participants


Hosted Words
All Translation Service features, plus:
AI-based batch pre-translation
Translators' Work and Translation Statistics
Translating with Context
Terms extraction
Customized regular expressions
Customized role permissions
Source file merging/archiving
Calculation of translation memory match rate
Different maximum length for different languages


Pictures storage and management
Text ldentification and String Correlation
Cloud Translation
/1,000 characters
2,000 characters Free per months
SDK Service
Automated screen capture
Collecting overlong texts
Usage statistics of strings
Real-time publishing strings
User ratings and reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate Hosted Words?

The Hosted Words is equal to the number of words that need to be translated multiplied by the number of target languages ​​of the project. For example, if you upload a file containing 500 words to a project with 10 target languages, there will be 5000 Hosted Words (500*10).

Can I extend the free trial period?

Sure! If the 21-day free trial period is not enough for you to understand iLocalize, you can contact us via email to apply for an extension of the free trial period, but only if Hosted Words < 20,000 or MAU <10,000.

Can I change the plan after choosing?

Sure, you can change the plan at any time. We will charge you under the new plan from next month.

How to charge for using the automatic screenshot function?

In order to store and maintain pictures in iLocalize, you will be charged $0.02 per picture per month. If you use OCR to recognize text and automatically associate strings with pictures, you will be charged $0.2 per picture.

Should l pay before using iLocalize?

We support using first then pay. After the 21-day Free trial period, you need to start your payment plan. The payment invoice will be sent to you at the beginning of next month.

How do you define MAU and DAU?

MAU is defined as any unique device that has opened your app during the month. DAU is defined as any unique device that has opened your app during the day.

What kinds of payment methods are supported?

We support bank transfers and automatic deduction of credit cards.

Is there a limit to the number of members and Hosted Strings in a project?

There is no limit, you can add unlimited members and Hosted Strings.
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